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Good Hate
A Three-minute Bible Study
Print, Study and Apply

Read the following Bible passage, then answer the short questions. Consider the practical suggestions at the end of the study.

Romans 12:9b*

Abhor what is evil;


1. Given that the preeminent Christian message is LOVE, do you find it striking that this verse includes a command to hate?


2. Have you ever experienced what you would call a "righteous hatred"?


Practical help

From our earliest days most of us are taught that hatred is bad. "You should never hate!" Hatred is usually associated with evil (as in "Hatred is evil"), but here we are commanded to hate evil, to abhor it, to loathe it. Amazing.

Maybe you’ve surfed over to eXXit because you’ve been drawn to pornography. Maybe you’ve been hooked by it. OK -- now back off and see it for what it really is.

It is a vile, exposing, degrading of human bodies. It is a demeaning use of people made to reflect the glory of God. Agreed?

God, who created you and your emotional lives, has a purpose for your hatred. It is to be reserved for all things evil. Your abhorrence/loathing/hatred of porn will safeguard you from it. It might even turn you into a powerful warrior against it.

Let the good hate flow!